Top 4 Advantages Of NAS Storage Device 

Advantages Of NAS Storage

The most important asset for any company is the “Data” if the data is lost or got stolen or got leaked, risks might happen for such a company that’s why we need to make sure that our “Data” is saved in a proper place so we can’t lose it, but the important concern here is are you securing your data? , are we using the proper devices to do so?


What is NAS Storage Device

A NAS device is a network-connected storage device that allows authorized network users and diverse clients to store and retrieve data from a central place, because NAS systems are versatile and expand out, you may add to your existing storage as you need it. Some of the leading NAS Storage providers who drives the UAE market are Dell , Synology, IBM


Why it’s Very Important To Have NAS Storage Device

Having a NAS in the office is like having a private cloud. It’s quicker, less costly, and gives you total control over all the benefits of a public cloud on your premises, additionally, it will add an adequate amount of storage space to a local computer, hence increasing the amount of storage space accessible for maximum efficiency


Types of NAS Devices


 These devices have very high-speed storage capacity also very high storage volume usually they

Support RAID options also have virtualization features and clustering support.


2-SMB Level (Small-Medium Business)

Usually shared between the small number of clients computer for instance if they share an internet connection and printer between them



This option is the cheapest it is created mainly for home users, it doesn’t support any a lot of features but it’s enough for normal users

Top 4 Advantages Of NAS Device


1- Data Security

Accidents do happen, and they may harm our computers, putting the data on them at risk. A laptop may simply fall and be damaged, or a drink could spill on a laptop and destroy all the data saved on it. fortunately, data is protected when stored on a NAS system that is not impacted by local hardware failures.


2-Procedure for Creating a Simple Server

Setting up a NAS device is simple, which is good news for anyone who wants to take advantage of its numerous advantages, most NAS systems include a simplified web-based interface that makes it simple to set up and retrieve the settings


3-Data Backup that is Automated

Data backup is critical to a company’s or institution’s survival, especially if its hard disks fail. When utilizing a NAS system, it is possible to set up automatic backups that will reflect any changes made locally on a PC to documents or folders


4-Hardware Cost Reduction

Because your work PCs won’t need as much storage space if you store all of your data on NAS, you may pick less expensive hard drive alternatives for them. Over time, these hardware savings might add up to a substantial amount. Specifically on a computer.


Now we already know how much NAS device is important for our business it will protect the most critical asset which is “Data”, If you want the best NAS storage provider in UAE Contact US



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