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Dell PowerEdge rack servers are available in a variety of configurations, ranging from entry-level models to high-performance business servers, all of which are designed to give tremendous performance in compact places. Improve performance in a wide variety of applications. Flexible designs to help you get the most out of your apps.


PowerEdge rack servers from Dell EMC enable you create a contemporary infrastructure that reduces IT difficulties and boosts business performance. Choose from a wide range of 1-2 and 4-socket rack servers to meet the needs of traditional applications, virtualization, and cloud-native workloads. With increased memory speeds, faster NVMe storage options1, and BIOS customization, you can match performance to your workload for maximum efficiency.

One socket server portfolio

PowerEdge R240 Rack Server – With an entry-level 1U rack server intended for web hosting and multi-purpose apps, you can improve speed, scalability, and simplify your IT.


PowerEdge R340 Rack Server – With an entry-level 1U rack server designed for enterprises with remote and branch offices, you can improve performance, scalability, and simplify IT.


PowerEdge R7515 – The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7515 is a single-socket 2U server with software-defined storage, virtualization, and data analytics as workloads.

Two socket PowerEdge rack server portfolio

PowerEdge R540: With a 2-socket, 2U rack server that delivers an optimal combination of resources and price, you can adapt to a range of application demands.


PowerEdge R440: For HPC, web tech, and scale-out infrastructure, get performance and density in a tiny 1U, 2-socket rack server.


PowerEdge R640: In a 1U, 2-socket platform, get scalable computing and storage with an optimum blend of performance, cost, and density for most data centers.


PowerEdge R7525: The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 is a two-socket 2U rack server that provides outstanding performance and customizable flexibility. All flash software-defined storage (SDS), virtual desktop architecture, and data analytics workloads benefit from it.


PowerEdge R740xd: With up to 24 NVMe drives and a total of 32 x 2.5” or 18 x 3.5” SSDs on a 2U dual-socket platform, you can increase storage scalability and performance.


PowerEdge R6525 : The Dell EMC PowerEdge R6525 is a dual-socket 1U server that provides performance and innovation for HPC, VDI, and virtualization workloads.


PowerEdge R740: In a 2U, 2-socket architecture built for VDI, maximize application performance with the right mix of accelerator cards, storage, and compute power.


PowerEdge R650: 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors power this enterprise server, which is optimized for workload performance and data center density.


PowerEdge R740xd2: In a high-capacity 2U architecture, deliver rapid reaction times and help maximize uptime for streaming media and other data-intensive workloads.


PowerEdge R750: 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors power this enterprise server, which delivers great performance for the most demanding tasks.


PowerEdge R750xa: PowerEdge R750xa delivers great performance for demanding GPU tasks, thanks to up to two 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs.


PowerEdge C4140 Server: With a dense, accelerator-optimized 1U server supporting 4 GPUs and better thermal efficiency, you can meet the needs of cognitive computing applications.


PowerEdge XR2: Its tiny form, which uses Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs and is certified for military and maritime use, was designed from the ground up for extreme situations.

Four socket server PowerEdge rack server portfolio.

PowerEdge R840 – Drive faster insights with four-socket performance in a dense 2U design. Minimize latency with up to 24 direct-attached NVMe drives.


PowerEdge R940 – With the 4-socket R940 in just 3U and up to 12 NVMe drives, you can power your mission-critical applications and make real-time choices.


PowerEdge R940xa – With a powerful four-socket server, you can accelerate GPU database acceleration for business-critical applications. Internal storage having a big scale capacity.

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