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Lenovo single-socket and dual-socket tower servers offer a good mix of performance, durability, scalability, and easy-to-use capabilities in a small package to fulfill most company needs.


Key benefits of Lenovo tower servers include:

  •  At entry-level rates, you can get innovation and performance.
  • Compact design that is environmentally friendly.
  • They are Reliable, easy-to-manage and safe, with industry leading security innovation built in.
  • Lenovo tower servers are ideal for handling behind-the-scenes IT tasks for small-and medium-sized organizations—from schools deploying virtual desktop sessions or blackboard applications, to retail deployments, to distributed environments like banks with multiple locations.

Lenovo tower servers deliver high performance and various storage options in a small footprint for SMBs to major institutions. Get the dependability of a data center in a bundle tailored to office situations.


Lenovo Tower Server Models:

Choose the one below that best suit your need.

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