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Cisco Access points

Cisco wireless access points are required for endless network connectivity. Users can walk freely from room to room without experiencing network interruptions by deploying access points across the office. Cisco access points will effortlessly transition from one access point to the next as they travel throughout the facility, and they won’t even notice they’re switching network.


Cisco wireless solutions are easy to set up, adaptable, and secure, allowing your employees and customers to communicate and collaborate like never before. Get your cisco access point at affordable price from cisco certified partner in UAE – CAD Gulf LLC.

Are you looking for Cisco on – Premise or Cloud?

On-premise Cisco access points

On-premise management may be the ideal option for you if you need a lot of flexibility and customization, as well as a lot of protection.

Cloud-managed Cisco wireless access points

No matter where your company goes, you’ll have access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi. The Meraki Go App, which is hosted in the cloud, manages every part of your network. Connect your access points, then launch the app for a guided setup.

Buy access point from a Cisco authorized partner or cisco distributor in UAE.

If you are looking for cisco access points price or cisco meraki access point price in UAE. Reach out to CAD Gulf LLC.


By contacting CAD Gulf LLC, you get 100% guaranteed support and team of IT experts, who will be assisting you from the beginning to the end.  Do don’t hesitate to call us. Our IT network professionals are always available to help you with your cisco wireless requirements, whether it’s purchasing, installing, or maintaining them.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Catalyst

  • Catalyst 9130 Access Points
  • Catalyst 9120 Access Points
  • Catalyst 9117 Access Points
  • Catalyst 9115 Access Points
  • Catalyst 9105 Access Points


802.11ac Wave 2 Aironet

  • Aironet 4800 Access Points
  • Aironet 3800 Series
  • Aironet 2800 Series
  • Aironet 1800 Access Points
  • Aironet Active Sensor




  • Catalyst 9124 Series (new)
  • Aironet 1570 Series
  • Aironet 1560 Series
  • Aironet 1540 Series



  • Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points
  • 6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points
  • Industrial Wireless 3700 Series


Small business

  • Cisco Business 200 Series
  • Cisco Business 100 Series​

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