Top 5 Advantages Of Biometrics in Healthcare

Advantages Of Biometrics In Healthcare

The most important asset for any company is the “Data” if the data is lost or got stolen or got leaked, risks might happen for such a company that’s why we need to make sure that our “Data” is saved in a proper place so we can’t lose it, but the important concern here is are you securing your data? , are we using the proper devices to do so?

What is Biometrics?

It is basically identifying individuals using physical characteristics such as fingerprints, retina scans, face recognition, and basically unique physical characteristics. This technology is used primarily for identification, the purpose of which is authentication, the best companies examples of providing biometrics devices: ZKteco, Fingertec, Matrix 

How Does Biometrics Work?

After the biometric data has been collected and mapped, it is retained in order to be matched with future access attempts. This information is usually encrypted and saved on the device or on a distant server, in addition to that, there are three components :


It’s also known as a scanning device used to store authenticated biometric data

2- Software:

converting the scanned biometric data into digital format is also used to compare match points of captured data with recorded data


used to store biometric data securely for comparison

Top 5 Advantages Of Biometrics In Healthcare

1- A method that won’t be forgotten 

It is possible to forget a hard password. It’s a very reliable method and easy to use, however, you can’t forget your fingerprints or face ID because they are always with you

2- High-level security

Authentication with this method is more secure than regular authentication methods, passwords could be stolen as well as access cards or badges, but biometric characters can’t be stolen.

3- A convenient method for special needs

Illiterate people prefer biometric identification because it eliminates the need to expose their inability to write, even for people who have some disability in writing can rely on biometrics

4- Reduction of Administrative tasks

It gives less paperwork for the administration which leads to reduced the waiting time for the patients which gives a better experience to the patients, thus the work would be more productive

5- Language issue solver

If a patient and a worker speak different languages so the patient cannot describe a symptom of an illness a device can scan the patient’s voice and translate it, by that the worker can access the patient’s record and provide the patient with the appropriate medicine



To some things up as we already know biometrics can save a lot of resources in healthcare systems which will lead to better performance for the healthcare industry and more importantly a better experience for patients, to get high-quality biometrics products in UAE. Contact  leading biometrics in Dubai


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