5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Workstation for AutoCAD


In this article, we are going to discuss Things to Consider When Purchasing a Workstation for AutoCAD. When purchasing a workstation for AutoCAD, you should take into consideration a few important factors, whether you are just thinking of getting into design or drafting, or if the hardware has just needed an upgrade.

The fact that AutoCAD is used for drafting, modeling, construction, and other digital elements, rather than by hand, means that it is very power-hungry. It was made for designers and drafters to create faster designs, so how would it be beneficial for it to run on a computer that would slow it down? There is so much choice available these days, so how to pick the right hardware option?

When selecting a CAD workstation for AutoCAD, you should take into consideration the following 5 factors:

Know your workload


To find the best CAD Workstation or CAD laptop for you, consider what you will be using the software for. For example, Those who plan on using AutoCAD to make small 3D models or 2D drawings will need fewer specifications than those who plan on using it to produce large 3D models.

You can estimate your processor’s clock speed by looking at how many “cycles”, or tasks, it is capable of performing in a second. Suppose a processor operates at a speed of 3.0 GHz, which means that it performs 3 billion cycles per second.

It is recommended that a minimum of 2.5-2.8 GHz clock speed be used for running CAD and performing 3D modeling. For extra safety, you can go for processors over 3GHz.

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Consider which other software/program you may need


Even if you plan to draw most of your designs with AutoCAD, 3ds Max may be needed occasionally to render your models, so be sure your CAD system can handle both programs. No matter how small the model you are importing into 3ds Max is, the requirements to simply run the software alone are much higher than what is required for a modest workload of AutoCAD.


Select a machine that has plenty of disk space


For example, On windows, the latest version of AutoCAD (AutoCAD 2021) consumes 7GB of disk storage. However, this doesn’t include any specialized toolsets, large datasets, point clouds, and 3D models that may be accumulated over time, or the installation of other software like 3ds Max, etc. Because of this, you should allow more disk space than you think you need.


Consider upgrading your graphics card


With AutoCAD, you can use software graphics acceleration, for example, using the CPU alone to calculate the graphics, but the performance will be poor and slow. Especially if you’re using multiple monitors and 4K displays, and if you’re creating 3D models. To achieve maximum performance, this software requires a powerful graphics card. This is why high-end CAD workstations are recommended.

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Choose the right specifications for your CPU and RAM


There are a lot of things to consider when selecting CPU and RAM specifications, depending on what software you are using and what workload you have. Both are equally important. They complement one another. performance. In general, the amount of tasks that a CPU can handle is largely determined by the amount of RAM that is available to it, since RAM stores the data that the CPU will process, allowing it to handle more applications at once.

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