Acronis True Image now goes by the name Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office


Acronis True Image is getting a new name almost 18 years after it was introduced to the public. The world’s best personal cyber protection solution will now be known as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. It is never easy for a business to change the name of such a well-known product. Over the nearly two decades since Acronis True Image launched, the brand has been able to acquire a lot of brand equity and goodwill among users.


Why would a well-known and iconic product be renamed?


They say there is a good reason behind it. Acronis was the first software solution to provide home users with enterprise-grade full disk imaging. Consequently, when it came to naming Acronis’ innovative new product, they wanted to clearly communicate what users were getting. To assure people that they would get a true image of their data, which they could use to restore their computer, they chose Acronis True Image.

Customers who rely on Acronis’ personal solution for their computing needs want to understand what they are getting. They have always taken that approach – and maintaining that practice in light of recent changes required us to examine the name Acronis True Image.


Needs for protection are changing


Since the last several years, data protection has become increasingly challenging. There has been a significant change in the protection landscape due to the proliferation of ransomware.

In the beginning, a backup solution that allowed you to quickly restore your entire system was enough to prevent ransomware. You could simply restore everything on your hard drive if you were targeted with ransomware.

To make sure victims had to pay, attackers changed the ransomware. New ransomware strains emerge often, focusing first on backup files and backup software, so users do not have access to traditional safe harbors. As a result, Acronis hired cybersecurity experts to develop a defense against ransomware. Since then, Acronis True Image has been the only personal backup solution that features integrated anti-ransomware. Active Protection was launched in 2017 – and its name reflects the fact that it uses behavior-based detection to actively monitor your system and permanently prevent ransomware attacks.

This company enhances its cybersecurity capabilities through the addition of crypto mining blockers, antivirus, and next-generation malware protection powered by machine intelligence.


Cybersecurity is more than backup


The release of last year was the onset of a new era. With Acronis True Image, cyber threats, from device theft to data breaches, from hardware failures to accidents, are combatted in the full scope of data protection. Using enhanced anti-malware technology, it provided real-time protection, on-demand antivirus scanning, web filtering, and video conference app protection for their best-of-breed personal backup solution.

As a result, Acronis True Image now offers so much more than just creating an image backup; as a result, the name does not describe what the product actually does.


Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is available now – Complete Cyber protection


In order to better reflect the benefits users receive from the solution, Acronis Company renamed it Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. With this new name, the company makes perfect sense in terms of what they build and who they build it for – comprehensive cybersecurity protection for work-from-home parents, home office IT experts, remote students, freelancers, and others.

With Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, you can keep your data, applications, and systems safe with the same high-performing, easy-to-use solution trusted by over 5.5 million users around the world. It is only the name that is different.


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