Latest adobe illustrator on iPad


Latest adobe illustrator on iPad

Adobe Illustrator for iPad now includes features for touch and stylus, allowing you and your team to illustrate and create in new and engaging ways, no matter where you are working.

First, Adobe launched Blob Brush Taper, a new option for tapering the ends of brushes for more natural-looking trails and greater precision when drawing with your brush. Illustrator Template support has also been added by Adobe to assist you optimize your process and tailor your method of working. We’re also adding Transparency Grid, which makes it simple to visualize and deal with translucent options without having to squint. Finally, Adobe gives you more export options, allowing you to have greater control over the end results of your workflow.


Built for you, evolving with you

Adobe is continuing to develop Illustrator for iPad in collaboration with the community, including iterative feedback and new features sought by designers like you. The experience of using Illustrator on the iPad has been carefully crafted by Adobe to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Let’s keep focusing on what matters most: creating outstanding work as a team.


Blob Brush Taper and enhancements

Blob Brush Taper is a much-requested feature among Illustrators and designers, allowing you to taper the ends of brushes and draw more naturally, replicating true brush stroke tips. When you pick the blob brush, this option now shows.


Visualize artwork with Transparency Grid

Transparency Grid is a great addition to any designer’s toolkit since it allows you to easily visualize artwork on a translucent background. To identify filled, stroked, and translucent items from the transparent background, use this feature. This option can be found in the Outline/Preview View controls.


More control over your workflow with more export options

Adobe to release additional export options to Illustrator for the iPad, which give designers more control over their workflow. This is another highly requested feature. You can change the resolution, choose artboards, and make new export selections, such as Share >Export As, that provide more precision for purposes like print and screen.


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