The best cloud-managed firewalls in 2023

top cloud managed firewall 2023

The best cloud-managed firewalls in 2023

There are a number of cloud-managed firewall options that are ranked among the finest in the market in 2023. Through cloud-based systems, these firewalls provide strong security features, scalability, and centralized management capabilities. 

First, we need to understand cloud-managed firewalls:

which are network security devices that are centrally controlled and run via a cloud-based platform. These firewalls are frequently used in dispersed or cloud contexts where traditional on-premises firewall administration may not be practical or effective. Administrators can operate cloud-managed firewalls via a centralized web-based interface that is accessed through the cloud, where they can also establish firewall policies, watch network traffic, and enforce security measures. As a result, there is no longer a requirement for physical access to specific firewall equipment, and the management of numerous sites or cloud deployments is simplified.

Secondly, let’s see what are  the beneficial aspects of using cloud-managed firewalls:

Scalability: They can readily scale up or down to meet shifting network requirements without requiring the purchase of new hardware or physical modifications.

Centralized Management: It makes it easier to set up, monitor, and apply policies across numerous firewall instances spread across different locations or cloud platforms.

Security Updates: Cloud-managed firewalls are capable of receiving automatic patches and updates to security from the cloud provider, making sure the firewall has access to the most recent intelligence regarding threats.

Flexibility: They allow enterprises to select between public, private, or hybrid cloud environments while keeping uniform security standards. This flexibility extends to deployment modes as well.

Cost Savings: Since the cloud service provider provides the infrastructure and management tools, cloud-managed firewalls do not require initial hardware purchases or ongoing maintenance expenses.

In this blog, we will also look at the top-selling cloud-managed firewall brands.

Palo Alto Networks: This leading cybersecurity firm is known for its cutting-edge network security solutions. Their flagship product, the NGFW, has a number of benefits for businesses looking for advanced network security solutions with granular control, attack prevention, centralized management, integration, and comprehensive security capabilities.

  • Palo Alto Cloud NGFW: It helps you to block attackers from breaking in, and stops data exfiltration and command-and-control (C2) traffic. Furthermore, its managed service has been designed to stop unauthorized threats or east-west lateral movement.

Fortinet: This leading cybersecurity company offers integrated network security solutions, and looking for comprehensive, scalable. As its focus on threat intelligence, performance, centralized management, and secure SD-WAN capabilities positions them as a leader in the cybersecurity market.

  • FortiGate Cloud: it can be managed and provided with a variety of services via the cloud, including zero-touch setup, configuration management, reporting, and analytics. Furthermore, it may expand to meet your needs, from a single FortiGate to a complete MSP management solution for thousands of devices across numerous customers.

Forcepoint: That focuses on offering solutions for network security, cloud security, insider threat prevention, and data protection. By concentrating on safeguarding crucial data, comprehending user behavior, and providing integrated security capabilities, it seeks to assist enterprises in reducing dangers and protecting their confidential data.

  • Forcepoint cloud security gateway: It eliminates the need for multiple-point solutions and deploys fully functional SWG, CASB, DLP, and RBI capabilities as a service at a lower overall cost of ownership, Stop harmful web- and cloud-borne threats. Furthermore, it Prevents data transfers between business and personal cloud accounts as well as unlawful data egress to the cloud or web.

Sophos XG: That provided by Sophos, a reputable cybersecurity business. Advanced firewall capabilities, extra security measures, and centralized management. Through the use of its sophisticated security features, user and application visibility, sandboxing technology, centralized management, and integration capabilities, it aids enterprises in enhancing their network security and successfully defending against changing threats.

  • Central cloud management: is a management platform based on the cloud that Sophos offers for its firewall products, and It enables administrators to remotely manage and control numerous Sophos firewalls from a single interface.

CrowdStrike: focuses on threat intelligence and cloud-delivered endpoint protection, provides cutting-edge endpoint security capabilities, and is their flagship product. It has a global threat intelligence network, real-time response and remediation, and integration. It’s a dependable and effective endpoint security platform for enterprises wishing to protect themselves against modern cyber threats when combined with additional security solutions and better threat detection capabilities.

  • Falcon cloud security: It detects and stops breaches immediately as they occur, whether they originate in the cloud or on an endpoint. Furthermore, It mitigates attacks and stops vulnerabilities and incorrect configurations from hurting users.

In general, cloud-managed firewalls give businesses the flexibility and convenience of cloud-based administration platforms while enabling effective network management and security in dynamic, distributed environments. For 2023, these are the greatest and most popular cloud-managed firewalls. It’s crucial to take into account the unique needs of your business when selecting a cloud-managed firewall, including the size of your network, your preferred security features, and interoperability with current cloud platforms. Keeping up with the most recent advancements and vendor offerings is also essential given how quickly the market for cloud-managed firewalls is changing. To help you with that, we have an in-house cybersecurity consultant, who can offer you the right solution based on your security needs. For inquiries reach us by email at

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