What does Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security mean?



Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is a solution that simplifies and secures the digital transformation, as organizations virtualize or move workloads into the cloud.

Patented Light Agent technology allows centralization and smart optimization of the security function, significantly lowering hypervisor resource use. Native integration with a wide range of virtualization, container, and public cloud platforms provides consistent visibility and control throughout the whole infrastructure. A full stack of security technologies managed from the same console ensures streamlined risk management in diverse environments on a day-to-day basis.

Ideal for

Enterprises that virtualize server and desktop workloads Organizations that are migrating to cloud or maintain infrastructures in, public clouds Enterprises leveraging public clouds and containers for DevOps

  • Skills required
  • Customization and scalability
  • Cost


Business Benefits

Ensures consistent visibility and control across datacenter and cloud deployments
Reduces attack surface and dwell time, complicating lateral movement
Frees up to 30% of hypervisor resources, and cuts login time from minutes to seconds
Supports compliance

Kaspersky Hybrid cloud security ensures efficient collaboration between IT, Information Security, and Development teams, reducing risk and security gaps

Use cases

  • Resource-cautious protection for virtualized
    server infrastructures
  • Security for VMWare and Citrix VDI
  • Enables compliance by meeting core security requirements
  • Cloud workload protection for AWS and Azure instances with automated deployment and consistent visibility through native API integration
  • Security for DevOps with container protection
    and management API

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