Cloud Assessment Tools and Frameworks for Migration



Your Cloud Journey Begins Here


Globally, thousands of enterprises have already migrated to the cloud. However, many others are hesitant to make a commitment, asking questions such as:

How will cloud computing benefit my business?

In what areas of my business will this be most beneficial?

By embracing the cloud, how will this affect my bottom line?

Is the cloud expensive?

Is it worth investing in the cloud?

For enterprises asking such questions, the next step is clear: it’s time to assess the cloud. The cloud assessment process may seem time-consuming or complicated, but there are a number of tools available that can make it easy.


What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment?


The objective of a cloud readiness assessment is to determine your organization’s readiness by assessing your applications. We will analyze the application and data infrastructure in order to develop a roadmap to migrate to the cloud.

Utilizing an assessment framework will assist you in identifying your requirements and matching them with the appropriate cloud applications. In addition, this framework can help you identify the cloud provider best suited to your needs. A better user experience (UX) can be achieved by all these factors contributing to smooth cloud migration.

Cloud Assessment Tools

Before implementing a cloud platform, it is essential to conduct a cloud assessment. CAD Gulf recommends a specific set of server and infrastructure tools aligned with your chosen cloud service provider (CSP) to plan for excellence during execution.

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are three of the most popular CSPs. They all offer cloud assessment tools:


Using these tools, you can keep track of your servers, databases, and applications. A dependency map can also be created to categorize applications and help prioritize migrations.

It is crucial that you choose the provider that aligns with your business objectives, as each CSP will have its own benefits and drawbacks. Hybrid cloud migration can be done when two or more CSPs are needed simultaneously. In this case, CAD Gulf consultant can help you determine, ensuring you get the optimal cloud environment for your business needs.

Our cloud strategy services professionals can help you build a cloud migration strategy or assess your readiness for the cloud. As we set you on the road to cloud success, we will recommend the right tools and platforms. Schedule a consultation with a CAD Gulf SME today!

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