3 Cybersecurity Measures to be taken by SMB’s to ensure Safety

As the year comes to an end, cybersecurity continues to remain top-of-mind for business owners around the world. 2021 is marked an increase in the amount of fraud perpetrated against small businesses, but especially small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

SMBs are reporting that its very difficult for them to stop cyber-attacks. With the current state of times, external attacks have become more sophisticated with the pandemic being a channel to lure unsuspecting users in. Business owner should come forward and take necessary action to prevent cyber- attacks before it happens. Here we have discussed 3 measures which can be followed to ensure your network is safe and secure.


1. Keeping your employee’s systems safe

As we have noticed most of the cyber-attacks comes through the unauthorized software that is installed in our systems. We can reduce that risk simply by installing the proper antivirus software in the systems.

Also, it most important to have regular data backups and need to change our passwords at regular intervals across all of our devices. It is also important to make regular backups of important data and to have strong passwords in place across all of your devices.

2. Internet security training and processes

Today, we might have seen many cybersecurity attacks come in the form of social engineering using carefully crafted emails and calls designed to trick your employees into granting access to the hackers either by installing malware or giving up credentials on webpages controlled by the hackers.

All employees have to be trained and should be aware of social engineering tactics and should have knowledge on how to identify these kinds of attack mail and combat them.
Only solution to this is to get your employees to pause, review and double the emails that comes to their inbox before responding with any sensitive information- No matter how urgent it is, it has to be cross-verified before taking an action.

3. Implement regular audits

Every business should perform regular cybersecurity audits to ensure their safety. Same like other audits, cybersecurity audits are to evaluate your records to see if there are any red flags that indicate if any part of your system has been compromised.

Audit should include a review of your administrative processes and staff behavior to see if there is anything that needs to be changed to further secure your systems and prevent compromise in the future.

Typically, you would need to hire professionals to do this, but the expense is well worth it to prevent successful cyber-attacks.

Are you interested to check where your business stands from a network and security standpoint, ask yourself these simple questions?

  • Does your network require optimization, but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Are you experiencing intermittent network performance issues?
  • Have you recently virtualized servers, but not sure if your network is still policy-compliant?
  • Is an outdated network security posture exposing your business to risks?
  • Are you spending too much time on setup, configuration and management?
  • Does your current firewall have enough processing power and memory to protect against attacks? 
  • Are you monitoring your network and security regularly? 


If you are finding it difficult to answer any of these questions with confidence, then you could potentially benefit from a full-scale network and security assessment of your current environment.

CAD Gulf provides network assessment service which includes an analysis of the current state of your network, and identifies any existing gaps that may require architecture modifications and performance improvements. Our specialists will work with your team to build and customize a comprehensive network and security solution to meet your unique requirements.