Learn how Secure SD-WAN increases fuel distribution network security

Learn how Secure SD-WAN increases fuel distribution network security

Recently, a petroleum distribution company developed innovative ideas for increasing customer loyalty, but it had to upgrade its technology infrastructure in order to make those ideas a reality.

In order to enable customers to buy items directly from convenience stores without having to get out of their vehicles, the company developed an app. They planned to run the new app on the Microsoft Azure public cloud as well as transfer some of its existing apps to Azure. Unfortunately, its legacy IT infrastructure was too slow to enable remote users to access cloud-based core solutions.

A Security and Performance Driven Architecture (SD-WAN) for Cloud Data Centers

The company engaged Fortinet to re-architect its wide-area network (WAN) to provide high-speed secure Wi-Fi in each gas station to support its digital transition.

In order to ensure the security of the enterprise firewall at the headquarters, FortiGate Secure SD-WAN with FortiExtender LTE devices were deployed at the edge of the station sites. The built-in firewall capability in FortiGate Secure SD-WAN ensures that end-users at the service stations can connect directly to the cloud without compromising their data or the company network.

FortiesPresence enables network administrators to track visitors in real-time and across different time periods.

With FortiGate technology, the fuel distributor has adopted a segmentation strategy for isolating service stations’ IT networks from the operational technology that controls gas pumps in their fuel distribution centers. By segmenting the IT infrastructure, cyberattackers are prevented from moving laterally if they somehow manage to breach it, which prevents them from possibly shutting down equipment within a refinery or a service station.

As a result of this cybersecurity best practice, the company is less likely to suffer ransomware or another type of attack on its WAN, disrupting its ability to deliver fuel to its customers.

Using Secure SD-WAN, you can Enjoy High Performance and Visibility

By tightly integrating security and networking in their new infrastructure, fuel distribution companies realized many benefits. They have reduced their operating costs.

Due to Fortinet’s ease of implementation, the company’s small IT staff can now handle WAN provisioning and analytics on its own instead of relying on other IT service providers.

Fortinet’s security-driven networking strategy has helped the company grow rapidly.

For the tens of millions of customers who visit the company’s service stations each month, Fortinet has made a significant difference in their experience. In addition, Fortinet’s networking, security, and SD-Branch capabilities have helped them for a positive future.

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