Tips to Support Practitioner Happiness and Boost Patient Satisfaction


Studies show that happy practitioners lead to happy patients. The level of patient satisfaction and overall happiness can increase exponentially when caregivers work in an environment that allows them to thrive. Nurses who work in healthy and supportive environments and have strong patient-nurse connections achieve a wide range of positive results.

In this article, we look in-depth at ways to promote caregiver well-being and a positive patient experience, including methods that can help improve physical and mental health, nurse retention, workflow efficiency, and more.

Workstations that Enhance Efficiency

Hospitals and clinics are fast-paced environments where caregivers are at the center of patient care. It often results in fatigue and an inability to complete charting within the time limit due to the heavy mental and physical load. Almost 72% of nurses say they stay after their shift to finish charting or documentation work…

Providing each caregiver with an ergonomic workstation that is intuitive to use and adjustable is critical to efficient and comfortable documentation. With the right tools to complete documentation, nurses and physicians are able to spend more time providing high-quality patient care.

Mitigate Workflow Concerns

In a high-intensity healthcare environment, every moment counts. Nurses are constantly conscious about the battery life of laptops, tablets, and other devices they use every day, most of which are vital to their patients.

It is essential to mitigate workflow concerns related to critical medical devices or EHR reboot times, which can negatively impact patient health. By creating a proactive monitoring system for battery life, you can improve technology uptime and maintain workflows.

Cut the Distance

More than 25% of a nurse’s time is spent on hospital floors. Using the above workflow improvements and proper planning can enable nurses to get to patient rooms faster and with the right equipment.

The mobile workstation combines the convenience of storing key items such as medicine, day-to-day essentials, and more into one tool that helps relieve physical and mental strain.

Our healthcare systems today are under pressures we’ve never seen before. With 63% of nurses reporting burnout at hospitals, investing in high-quality workstations to optimize workflow and provide intuitive user interfaces will enable healthcare leaders to provide patients with better care and reduce nurse burnout.

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