Top 7 Risks to Avoid When Migrating Your Data Center

Data Center Migration

Top 7 Risks to Avoid When Migrating Your Data Center

Organizations are at their most vulnerable during data center migrations. Today, data center migration is one of the most critical and complicated IT transitions. Migrations are often expensive and long-term, so it’s important to hire a professional migration service provider to handle it.

Analyzing the risk of a data center migration is crucial to success. Let’s discuss the risks associated with data migration.


1. Data Loss Risk

There is a possibility that data loss may occur during the data migration process. Some data may not migrate from the source system to the new system or target system. By performing data migration testing, this risk can be avoided.


2. Semantics Risk

The data migration process can lead to semantic errors even if it is done efficiently. When the source data has a field named “monthly average”, the information from that field could be migrated over to another field in the target system. Inconsistencies in data can cause many issues for organizations looking to migrate their data to new environments. Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform data migration testing when migrating large amounts of business information.


3. Increased Downtime Risk

When the data migration process takes longer than expected, extended downtime may occur. It is likely that organizations and stakeholders will face risks during the migration process since there is no active source system.


4. Risk of Data Corruption

Whenever rules and validations are applied to the target system, there is the possibility of data corruption. If unwanted data is migrated into the new system, it can lead to crashes and data corruption, resulting in errors for the end user.


5. Orchestration Risk

Orchestration risk occurs when data migration processes are not performed in an orderly manner. Due to the varied dependencies between business objects, the order of data migration is extremely crucial.


7. Target Application Parameterization Risks

When it comes to parameterization risks, it’s always the target application. If there are few limitations, the target system can become incompatible with data migration programs, potentially leading to bugs in the new system.



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