Fast, inexpensive, and transparent: HPE GreenLake with Team IT


Pay as you consume IT Model offers all possibilities for modern and efficient IT, especially for Mid- Size businesses. With very little investment, every company can determine quickly which IT solution is needed for a particular task. No matter whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

HPE GreenLake has everything in it

Today, HPE GreenLake offers organizations everything they need to remain competitive. It is accessible anywhere, at any time, with no limitations. For data, for apps, for cloud service delivery, and for workloads in hybrid clouds. Moreover, its model is a fully managed and pay-as-you-go model

HPE GreenLake, Works like a package of services, Which includes a buffer of capacity suitable to your business needs and that runs on IT infrastructure which is owned by HPE and maintained for you, but which is located either at your premises or at a hosting provider’s facility. Additionally, it may include software tailored to your workload. The platform and hardware are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis at HPE.

HPE Greenlake includes HPE Support services, and you are billed monthly by HPE with one item for the infrastructure and core services, based on the actual usage.

HPE GreenLake Benefits

  • Usage-based IT lets you pay only for what you use. The use of consumption-based IT models is growing as more and more companies strive to achieve transparent costs.
  • A complete IT solution is provided to you. The solution from HPE has been developed, implemented, and is fully functional; you can even scale it in advance if you forecast the need.
  • Your IT needs are now simplified with HPE Greenlake. One person from Team-IT or HPE will be responsible for supporting your entire solution.
  • Managing your IT according to business priorities is now easier. Because IT operations run efficiently, remain within your budget and your control with no additional effort or cost for maintenance or training.

Makes things easier than ever

HPE GreenLake makes a lot of things easier and offers a lot of relief from IT overload. In current solutions, there is a growing range of workloads, including those that require high-performance computing. HPE GreenLake offers the fastest data access and the highest scalability in the data storage field. As well as increased agility via cloud services, there is scalability for a robust database environment, full capacity for virtualized workloads, and maximum security through problem-free backups and disaster recovery. Shortly put, HPE GreenLake offers everything ambitious companies need to be successful.

We are glad to assist you

The benefits of HPE GreenLake are particularly compelling from the perspective of medium-sized companies. We at CAD Gulf as the HPE certified partners know what it takes to ensure that HPE GreenLake also becomes a success factor for your organization. Please contact our pre-sales experts for detailed advice.
You can find more information about our HPE partnership here