Best Server Racks to Buy in Dubai

Best Server Racks to Buy in Dubai

The best server racks 2022 can come with a variety of brands, prices, and features. Here, we’ve got the top 5 popular server racks to buy in Dubai.

No matter whether you want to set up a data center or just organize your office supply room, the best network server racks and enclosures will not only keep your networking equipment organized but will also ensure that everything is well-ventilated and that no one trips over cables or knocks over things.

Racks like these aren’t just for servers. These can be used to mount routers, switches, telecommunications devices, and even audio equipment. There are many options available, from tall floor-mounted cabinets to wall-mounted cabinets that are enclosed and have locks to prevent non-technical people from accessing important equipment. To keep everything organized, dedicated server rooms need network server racks and enclosures, but they’re not just for professionals. You can also use it for small businesses, homes, and villas that are looking for a way to keep their equipment organized and safe.



1. Dell Server Rack Cabinet 42U (Dell NetShelter SX 42U Rack Enclosure – AR3100X717: 42U)

Dell Server Rack Cabinet 42U

Provide a solid framework for your IT infrastructure with Dell Netshelter SX rack enclosures featuring the next-generation designs of APC.
Designed for cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring, Dell Netshelter SX racks are available in 42U and 24U sizes and offer outstanding usability and features:


• Toolless cable-access roof: Provides eight slots for cable entry, and integrates with overhead cable troughs and partition systems
• Secure side panels: Lockable half-height panels ensure safety and easy handling
• Easy-to-adjust mounting rails: Constructed with an easy-turn bolt design, adjustable in 1/4-inch increments, and automatic rail alignment.
• Convenient rear cable channels: Tool-free mounting for power distribution units (PDU) as well as tool-free vertical installation of cable organizers.


Rack height:
Dell 42u server rack – AR3100X717: 42U

24 in (600 mm)

42 in (1070 mm)



2. TrippLite 12U Server Rack Cabinet

TrippLite 12U Server Rack Cabinet

SRW12US SmartRack 12U Low-Profile Switch-Depth Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is designed to house EIA-standard 19-inch rack equipment in network wiring closets, and retail locations, classrooms, back offices, and other locations with little floor space and where you need equipment to be secure, organized, and out of the way.


Saves Valuable Workspace: Ideal for network closets, retail locations, offices, classrooms, and other areas where you need equipment to be secure, organized, and out of the way.

Hinged Cabinet for Convenient Access: Swings away from the wall for easy back-door access to equipment, cables, and wiring during installation and maintenance.

Easy Enclosure and Equipment Installation: Mounts to wall or rolls on the floor with Tripp Lite’s optional SRCASTER caster package.


Rack height:
TrippLite 12U Server Rack: 12U

600 mm

521 mm


3. IBM Server Rack 42U

IBM Server Rack 42U

The IBM Dynamic Standard Rack is a 42U, 19-inch rack that supports IBM BladeCenter and IBM System servers and accessories. The IBM Dynamic Expansion Rack, which is sold separately, can be used to add more rack-mounting space. This rack is ideal for building rack suites that can handle numerous servers and supporting devices at a low cost.

Features :

Thermal optimization supports high heat and power loads.
The perforated front door allows airflow for a fanless environment.
Six side panel shelves support 1U high power distribution units (PDUs) and switches without occupying valuable rack space.
The cable management system includes a cable channel that extends from top to bottom and a practical cable management ring.


Rack height:
IBM S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack – 9956-4RX

605 mm

1000 mm



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