Do your company servers and networks need annual maintenance?

Do your company servers and networks need annual maintenance?

Whether a company is big or small, networks and servers are vital to its success. Several companies in UAE prefer to store data on their networks and servers rather than using cloud storage, so they don’t have to worry about cyber-security breaches or losing data. Keeping your data physically in your business is pretty secure, as long as you have the right protection in place.

To avoid service disruptions, you need to hire the right IT AMC providers for your servers and network infrastructure. The following are some of the most common maintenance routines offered by them:

  • Analyzing disk usage and optimizing it
  • Updating and patching critical operating system vulnerabilities
  • Examining each component of the hardware to find errors
  • Analyzing power supplies for problems
  • Analyzing and improving network security according to the client’s requirements
  • Keeping network security software and hardware up-to-date
  • Maintaining regular backups to prevent data loss
  • Performing any necessary updates to outdated components

Your business’s servers and networks are successful and smooth when these components are in place. Performing these routine maintenance checks can prevent catastrophic hardware failures, total data loss, and corrupted backups.

Many issues can arise, and in the case of network security breaches, they are typically costly and can ruin your business’s reputation and lead to some serious fines that could result in your company’s permanent closure. Business owners and managers should place a high priority on maintaining their servers, as they are essential to their business.

Taking preventative measures is generally a good idea, especially if you have a lot of important data and hardware on your network. It means you should look into ways to prevent data loss, computer viruses from entering your system, and power supply errors causing data loss.

By performing an annual maintenance check on your network and servers, you’ll be less likely to encounter hardware failures. Checking your hardware on a regular basis will allow you to identify any potential errors or problems that could arise in the future. This will ensure that you have more peace of mind that your business will be running smoothly as older hardware is replaced with newer, more reliable hardware.


Choosing break-fix services has its drawbacks.

As discussed earlier, the most effective way to prevent hardware failures and server errors will always be to take preventative measures, but sometimes the most comprehensive preventive measures fail. While you may have data backups ready and redundant systems in place, you’ll still need break-fix services to help you get back online.

In urgent situations, hiring a technician for a break-fix can be very expensive. They may not be the most punctual or responsive service since they know you’re in desperate need of help. There are many engineers who work illegally without licenses and often do not follow the right standards, which can result in poor quality work that can damage your network and servers further or threaten your data. There are also many engineers who don’t understand your problem. It’s not very flexible either, so you’re basically getting a one-time service.


The Advantage of CAD Gulf  Engineers for IT AMC Service.

Not only faster and more responsive, but you also pay less because you’re only purchasing the service relevant to your needs. There’s no complicated service contract, you will be offered simple SLA agreements. Our engineers can offer a quick and prompt service to get your network and servers back online.

Our SLA is flexible, affordable, and much more reliable than other freelance engineers that are slow and often frustrating to deal with. No matter what the problems are, whether it’s a server failure, UPS failure, hard drive issues, viruses, IP telephony issues, computer issues, backup, or ransomware issues, we’ve got you covered. With 25 engineers specializing in all domains, we are confident we can provide you with reliable AMC support for your IT infrastructure. Our engineers are highly skilled and will be able to solve your problems with ease.

You can prevent issues through annual maintenance, and ensure your business is always running smoothly by taking advantage of Field Engineer’s on-demand workforce. Make an appointment for your network assessment today!


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