3 Reasons why You Should have an Annual Maintenance Contract


In today’s competitive world of technology revolution and IT boom, maintaining great efficiency and smooth operations are more important for any business’s success in Dubai. This is done to maintain continuous flow as well as effective business strategies.
If you haven’t heard of AMCs before but want to know about what they are and why you should have an IT AMC for your business, you’re in the right place. There’s a lot to find out and doing so could change how your business takes care of maintenance-related issues going forward.


1. You get expert technicians for your service

One of the best benefits that AMC offers is that you get professional services from trained and skilled technicians. Building a positive rapport with a technician who has full knowledge of your business and is familiar with your tools at reasonable price is quite valuable. Having an IT expert as a partner can prove very beneficial in helping you to map out an IT growth path that makes the most sense for the size, scale and functionality of your organization.

2. AMC cut down your IT investment cost

Keeping an IT employee employed includes salary, benefits, training, absence and coverage, not to mention hiring due to turnover. With a managed service provider, consistent service is provided without the additional costs associated with maintaining key personnel.

Businesses in Dubai realizes that they save money when they have an AMC in place that they can rely on. You’ll know what you’ll be paying for the year ahead and those prices can’t unexpectedly rise and cost your business a lot of money in the process.

3. Accountability

Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) ensures accountability where commitment to service excellence is outlined and enforced. Technical experts on-site and behind the scenes guarantee that a certain level of technology experience is delivered, and should this be violated, it is clear that a contractual obligation has been broken leading to appropriate measures.

CAD Gulf has helped many organizations and industries in UAE with its seamless IT AMC services. help in providing regular checkups of your business’s network, infrastructure as well as servers. Any spare hardware needed is also provided without any delay.
Our SLAs are customized according to our customer needs. So, If you are in need our AMC service. Don’t hesitate contact us our sales expert today.