What’s New in AutoCAD 2022?


AutoDesk has recently released the latest AUTOCAD 2022 version

The latest version of AUTOCAD 2022 was recently published by AutoDesk and the greatest part is its updated capabilities, which have already impressed clients after only one viewing. AutoCAD is a popular drafting and drawing program that is used all over the world. AutoCAD will continue to serve the same function in the near future, with improved capabilities and a user interface, and will thus remain the best design and drafting program available. Autodesk AutoCAD is a good option if you want to do some drawing.

Thousands of standard, intelligent parts, symbols, and features are included in AutoCAD 2022’s specialized toolsets, allowing you to automate annotations, layers, and bills of materials using the same familiar AutoCAD interface, whether you’re working with Mechanical, Architectural, MEP, or Electrical workflows. 26th of March, 2021.


AutoCAD 2022 comes with the following features: –

  1. Trace: Review and add feedback to a DWG file without having to change the original drawing.
  2. COUNT: Use the COUNT command to automate the counting of blocks or geometry.
  3. Share: Send a restricted duplicate of your drawing to teammates and co-workers so they can access it from anywhere.
  4. Autodesk Docs should be pushed to From AutoCAD, upload your CAD drawing sheets as PDFs to Autodesk Docs.
  5. Floating windows: In the same instance of AutoCAD, pull away drawing windows to show side by side or on several displays. (Video length: 1:04 minutes)
  6. Enhancements to performance: You’ll notice a difference in performance, especially while charting and working with 3D visuals.

Some recent enhancements include: –

  1. Making a timeline: Compare previous and current versions of a drawing to evaluate how your work has progressed.
  2. External Reference: Compare two versions of a DWG (AutoCAD Drawing File) that contain references from other sources.
  3. Colour pallet for blocks: From AutoCAD on the desktop or the AutoCAD online app, you may view and access your blocks content.
  4. Quick calculation: Hovering your cursor over a measurement will display all surrounding measurements in a drawing.
  5. Connectivity to cloud storage: Autodesk’s cloud, as well as major cloud storage providers, allows access to any DWGTM file in AutoCAD.
  6. AutoCAD may be used at any time and in any location: Using the AutoCAD online app or the AutoCAD mobile app, you can create, edit, and view CAD drawings in the browser.


Some of the specialized toolsets of AutoCAD 2022 are: –


Mechanical Toolset

Autodesk has updated its Mechanical toolset to support the latest revisions of the ISO and JIS welding standards (ISO 2553:2019, ISO 4063:2009, and JIS Z 3021: 2016).
As of AutoCAD 2022, you can now edit existing documents and create new ones in which you can incorporate these latest revisions to welding standards. By doing so, you can work more efficiently when designing.
It will allow you to open, edit, and save documents created in previous releases thanks to the Mechanical toolset’s legacy support of legacy revisions.

Architecture Toolset

Approximately 80 MVBlocks and block references have been added to AutoCAD Architecture US Imperial and US Metric content packs for Design Center to enhance your architecture projects. In addition, you can find information about roofing, furniture, and equipment. Plus, the content is available in the metric profile for non-English languages.

The new PURGEAECDATA command removes invisible architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) data. Saving the previous version of a drawing enables you to work more efficiently when you save it.

Autodesk has further enhanced collaboration in AutoCAD 2022, and the Architecture toolset is following suit. Now that the data properties in shared views have been extended, your collaborators can view additional properties (such as Property Sets) when the basic properties of a drawing are extracted.

MEP Toolset

With the updated MEP toolset, you’ll have more control over versioning. You can now purge invisible AEC data with the new PURGEAECDATA command in the Architecture toolset, which allows you to save a drawing to a previous version without getting any errors.

Electrical Toolset

In AutoCAD 2022, Autodesk improved workflows within the Autodesk ecosystem for your Electrical design projects.

The electrical toolset now includes manufacturing content from Rockwell, which allows you to use newly created catalog data and footprint drawings for your schematic design work and new 3D models created in the electro-mechanical workflows within Inventor.

Additionally, Autodesk Vault 2022 will introduce SQL catalog support. A bill of materials generated from Vault for an AutoCAD Electrical project now includes data from the drawings, including details from the catalog database.

The AESetSqlServerTimeout variable has been added to make workflows as smooth as possible. This prevents occasional errors that might appear when the SQL catalog database is connected through a virtual private network (VPN).

Additionally, the Electrical toolset now has Unicode support for LISPSYS, making it more compatible with full-width character languages.

Plant 3D Toolset

Plant 3D has been updated with a redesigned user interface that simplifies and extends the capabilities of isometric dimensioning, and provides access to the Iso Style Editor for advanced configuration of the IsoConfig.xml in the Project Setup dialog box.

In Plant 3D’s project comparison feature, you can compare a project’s entire configuration across projects and select which portions are to be synced between them.

As well, Autodesk improved the existing Ortho Offset Location function so that it now displays different coordinates information, rather than only the coordinates where the model was created, in the Ortho drawings.

With a continued commitment to making secure, compliant products, Autodesk has made Collaboration for AutoCAD Plant 3D SOC2 compliant for both data centers in the US and Europe. Autodesk’s Trust Center provides more information on compliance.

Furthermore, AutoCAD 2022 updates the Plant content runtime to Python version 3.7.9, ensuring your work is secure.

Map 3D Toolset

Are you interested in publishing your FDO vector layer data to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise? Using the new Map 3D toolset in AutoCAD 2022, you can do exactly that. Additionally, it is possible to export FDO vector layer data directly to a file geodatabase (FGDB) such as ArcGIS or another data source.
As a result of the new MAPARCGISCONNECTORCSOPTION command, it is now possible to specify what coordinate system should be used when importing data from ArcGIS.
Based on user feedback, Autodesk made several enhancements to some coordinate systems in AutoCAD software  2022:

  • Implemented the UK local grid coordinate systems
  • Corrected the Netherlands-RDNew and TM75.IrishGrid coordinate system definitions
  • User-defined transformation path with a user-defined datum no longer fails
  • Updated the information for DeutscheBahn.Gauss3d-2, DeutscheBahn.Gauss3d-3, DeutscheBahn.Gauss3d-4, and DeutscheBahn.Gauss3d-5 coordinate systems.


Plus, They have extended support for the following FDO providers to newer versions:

  • FDO PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 12.2+ PostGIS 3.0
  • ESRI ArcGIS: ArcGIS® 10.8.1

Raster Design Toolset

Raster Design toolset come with every subscription to AutoCAD. By using the Raster Design toolset, you can incorporate scanned paper drawings, aerial photographs, digital elevation models (DEMs), or satellite data into your AutoCAD drawings. In addition, you can insert bitonal, grayscale, and color raster images into your AutoCAD drawings for correlation, editing, analyzing, and exporting.
Raster Design can analyze and display image data from a variety of sources, such as satellite images, wavelet compressed images, and digital elevation models (DEMs). Moreover, it offers efficient tools for converting paper-based drawings into digital files.


Comparison Of AutoCAD and AUTOCAD LT

We’ve compared why AutoCAD 2022 is superior than all other variants for you. After examining both versions, this will assist you in choosing the best decision.



With 2D and 3D CAD software, you can plan
out every aspect. Access to industry-
specific toolkits and enhanced processes
are now available on desktop, online, and
mobile devices.
Create 2D drawings more quickly and precisely. Improved processes on desktop, online, and mobile devices.

used for:

  • For 2d drawings, documentation,
    and drawings
  • Visualization and modeling in 3D

used for:

  • For 2d drawings, documentation, and drawings
  • 2D geometry may be created and
  • Solids, surfaces, and mesh objects
    are used to create and edit 3D
  • Text, measurements, leaders, and
    tables may all be added to designs.
  • Add-on applications and APIs allow
    you to personalize your experience.
  • Make the ribbon and tool palettes
    your own.
  • Tables are created by extracting
    object data.
  • Data from PDF files can be attached
    and imported.
  • Data from DGN files, Navisworks,
    and Bing Maps may all be shared
    and used.
  • CAD standards must be followed
    and monitored.
  • 2D geometry may be created and edited.
  • Text, measurements, leaders, and tables may all be added to designs.
  • Make the ribbon and tool palettes your own.
  • Data from PDF files can be attached and imported.
  • Data from DGN files and Bing Maps may be shared and used.
  • The Autodesk App Store is available
    to you.
  • Web-based AutoCAD application
  • App for AutoCAD on the go
  • Access specialist software for
    architecture, mechanical design and electrical design, among other fields.
  • Web version of AutoCAD
  • Mobile app for AutoCAD
    Windows, IOS
    Windows, IOS
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