What is data loss prevention in office 365 ? Does it suffice for data threats?

what is data loss prevention in office 365

Businesses around the world use Office 365 to manage daily business functions involving highly sensitive, confidential, and essential data. In order for a business to run smoothly and to prevent data leaks or loss, it is imperative to have strict DLP technology in place. Let’s take a look in detail at the limitations of Office 365’s data loss prevention features and solutions to have complete DLP protection against data leaks or threats.


Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Solution and its features

With Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention, you can apply DLP policies across Office 365 services like Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

  • With this solution for data loss prevention in Office 365, organizations can:
  • Secure different types of data in use, in motion, and at rest.
  • Identify sensitive information within Office 365.
  • Manage and configure DLP policies.
  • Secure sensitive information from accidental sharing.
  • Notify and educate users when their actions violate DLP security policies.
  • Protect sensitive data in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Consistently enforce policies, even when email servers are down.
  • With tools for eDiscovery, auditing, threat management, and data governance, you’ll be able to meet legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements.


The limitations of Office 365’s DLP tools

Security teams must overcome several fundamental limitations and weaknesses when using Microsoft’s native tools to prevent data loss in Office 365.

Protection is limited: Office 365 offers limited protection for images and PDFs, which may be the entry point for many data security threats.

Insufficient tools: The policy definition, management, and control tools in Office 365 are neither easy to use nor granular enough to provide comprehensive protection.

Limited scope: Office 365 does not cover all of the possible channels for monitoring and protecting data if a leak occurs.

Complicated interface: It can be difficult to configure, manage, and maintain Microsoft’s DLP solution interface.


Why you should consider going for additional DLP Protection?

Today, data informs and improves decisions at every level of operations for businesses. Many of these documents are business-critical and highly sensitive. Business data can create significant problems if leaked or lost, including intellectual property, customer information, financial information, and business plans.

With DLP solutions, you can prevent data loss, unauthorized access, accidental leaks, or intentional leaks. As data flows in and out of the organization, DLP technology detects sensitive information and blocks it from leaving. While many businesses have data loss prevention solutions for on-premises environments, these tools may not be adequate for cloud services like Office 365 and SaaS solutions. Therefore, organizations may need tools designed specifically to protect business-critical data in cloud applications.

Therefore, it is not enough for a business to use only the DLP tools available on the Microsoft platform to protect the company from the wide spectrum of consequences that may result if data is leaked. Thus, it is essential to have additional DLP solutions that complement Office 365 DLP tools in order to protect against advanced outside attacks and insider data loss.

With CAD Gulf, your security teams can gain visibility, control access to data and protect data on managed and unmanaged apps and all devices using one set of security policies that meet their needs from a range of vendors. No matter what type of solution you need, whether standalone or all-in-one, we have it all.

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