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Unified communications (UC) integrates voice, data, and video across networks. You can engage with your employees and customers easier, make business decisions quickly without having to travel, and save money with CAD Gulf LLC’s unified communications software. With unified communications as a service (UCAS), you gain access to Enterprise Instant Messaging, Online Meetings, Telephony, and Video Conferencing with the work applications you use every day.

By using unified communications, businesses can streamline the generation of technologies they use for regular communication. We are one of the leading unified communications solution providers in the UAE. At CAD Gulf LLC we strive to offer Enterprise-level services and solutions to small businesses. Our best practices and workflow procedures have been developed over time and experience to keep you focused on your business, not technology.

What is Unified Communication?

As its name implies, Unified Communications provides several useful features and capabilities to enhance phone calls. There is a VoIP basis for the transmission and reception of information in all these technologies, highlighting a convergence between VoIP and Unified Communications (UC).

There are times when the transition from TDM to VoIP, or from Unified Communications to VoIP, is not completely compliant with your quality of service standards. Your business should not be disrupted by poor call quality. Our unified communications solution allows users to connect using their preferred devices.

Your customers, partners, suppliers, and your workforce are mobile and distributed. A Unified Communication System connects them all in one application for quality interactions and faster decision-making.

Imagine an integrated communications system that ties everything together. Take advantage of faster responses and more efficient service. Our services include pre-deployment assessments, unified communication component monitoring, automated problem diagnostics, and improvement analysis. This delivers a complete lifecycle management solution for enterprises and MSPs across Avaya vs. cisco unified communications.

Unified Communication Features

Recognizing that the move to Unified Communication Solution is a journey every customer and user makes at their own pace, we’ve focused on changing how businesses can deploy and consume communications technology. With our flexible platforms and consumption model options (unified communications as a service), you can customize a secure, affordable Unified Communication strategy for the people, processes, and customers that make your organization tick.

Features that make unified communication solutions perfect for enterprise users:

Scalable Service: A video conferencing service may be easily scaled to meet the demands of a growing corporate team.

Single Sign-On (SSO): When clients adopt a single sign-on, they experience an average of 15x growth in users and 8x growth in meetings.

Enterprise-grade security: Enterprise-grade security measures to safeguard your information and data.

Interoperability of Software and Devices: Allows customers to join from the video connection of their choice, whether it’s a room system, a mobile device, a web browser, or even third-party software systems.

Advantages with Unified Communications & Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration enables organizations and their workers to communicate at any time, from any location, and in any way, they see fit. CAD Gulf LLC offers a Unified Communications solution that allows clients to choose from a variety of tools to provide the best results while providing organizations with the resources they need to be effective and productive.

· Call control and multi-modal communications
· Unified messaging
· Instant messaging
· Speech
· Collaboration tools
· Conferencing and
· Presence

Create a Better Way to Work with Unified Communication Solutions

Our unified communications and collaboration solutions offer the features and services you require effortlessly, independent of your existing communications infrastructure, whether delivered on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid model.

. Make it simple to communicate with your partners, teams, and customers.
· Video sharing is now simple on all devices (Mobile devices, desktop).
· Improve your organization’s team interactions.
· Integrate all available modes of communication (SMS, personal messaging, and so on) into business
. Reduce the overall cost.

Trust CAD Gulf to Build Your Digital Workplace Solution

In a business with numerous tools, unified communications (UC) can greatly benefit. We are technical expertise in managing UC platforms allows us to assist your business in making the transition. We offer the most flexible solution possible for your operational needs, from corporate telephony to contact centers and command centers.

· Collaboration
· Ease of transition
· Business intelligence

By choosing CAD Gulf LLC as your Telecommunications partner, you empower your organization with telecom services, Wireless Telephone Systems, Unified Communications, VoIP Security, and more.