Top 5 reasons to consider Aruba Instant On for your business’s networking needs.


The worldwide pandemic has forced a rapid shift from on-site workers to remote workers, digital workflows to optimized business operations to meet unforeseen needs. Small businesses, which need to stay fast and nimble, have been moving to cloud apps and services faster than businesses of all sizes due to remote work.
The increased reliance on technology makes it more important than ever for your customers to have simpler, smarter networking.
Smart and simple is the core value proposition of Aruba Instant On’s cloud-managed networking solution. In just a few minutes, you can set up your network, and enjoy high speeds anywhere you go. Instant On wireless and wired networking saves time, headaches, and money.
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, serves small businesses exclusively through specialized channels. It aims to make your Instant On experience simpler, smarter, and more profitable.
Here are the top 5 Instant On features to consider for your network

1. Easily set up networks:

Faster installations mean faster revenue generation and more business value. Instant On uses mobile apps to quickly set up wireless and wired networks at the locations. Instant On displays a list of the sites associated with your account in the mobile app. Using remote access, you can easily select a site and manage a network from anywhere.

2. Easily visualize network topologies:

The reality is that unplanned downtime, limited resources, and network performance issues can cause day-to-day business operations to slow down. Instant On provides a cloud-based solution that identifies and assists in resolving issues quickly. Instant On will identify bottlenecks before your customers do.
Your support team can identify and resolve network issues more quickly using the Topology View, which shows your Instant On-access points and switches in an intuitive way. This view quickly summarizes the network topology, state of network devices, number of connected clients, and status of links between network devices. A graphical topology map in the app shows what’s connected to what, and a simple tap provides detailed information about a device’s MAC address, model, and location. An LED on an Instant On-device flashes when you tap its “Locate” button, in case you need to identify a particular device.

3. Stay informed with proactive notifications

With cloud management and automated trouble notifications, solution partners can diagnose and even remediate network issues more quickly. However, receiving alerts alone is not enough. Without a visual representation of the network’s topology, it’s difficult to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. With Instant On, you can automatically send email and text alerts to notify your team of connection or device problems, when device capacity has been exceeded, and when software updates are available. Notifications can be sent via email, push notifications, or both to alert you when there is an issue.

4. Manage your customers’ network from a single pane of glass

As COVID-safe operations become more common, remote management becomes even more vital. Using Instant On, you can manage your customers’ networks from anywhere and on any device. There is no need to travel to the customers’ sites, saving you both time and money, and eliminating the need for IT staff at the customer sites. You can manage your entire network from one location. With no extra cost, you can easily switch back and forth from Instant On’s cloud-based web portal to the mobile app and view all the access points, switches, and network statuses of your clients, as well as traffic type and volume.

5. Protect your customers’ networks with advanced security

Cyberattacks do not care about the size of a business. Aruba Instant On provides advanced security at the touch of a finger. With Aruba Instant On, applications can be controlled, clients can be blocked, and bandwidth can be controlled.