Top 3 Secrets to Fast Track Your IT Priorities



A small or medium business knows that success comes with distractions and roadblocks. According to IDC, small and medium businesses are most concerned with improving efficiency, boosting revenue growth, and keeping expenses low. Typical small to medium businesses don’t have dedicated IT personnel to handle these tasks.

As a business owner, you already wear too many hats. In IT, that role is often filled by you or the most technical member of your team.

Luckily, you can put your IT hat back on the shelf with the entry-level PowerEdge T140 and PowerEdge T340 tower servers. Both are perfect for small and medium businesses. Here’s how they help you address your top three IT priorities.


1. Easy and efficient

PowerEdge tower servers can transmit and process data quickly. In this way, your everyday business applications will run faster and be less interrupted. With them, you are assured that you are working on the latest revision, simplifying team collaboration. Data is also automatically saved, reducing the risk of rework.

A PowerEdge tower is perfect for on-site, remote, and branch office use. You can manage many remote servers using one intuitive platform, saving you time and money by avoiding trips across town, states, or even countries, depending on where your offices are located. Furthermore, you will be able to receive alerts and access hardware remotely anytime and anywhere, saving you time and money.

Dell EMC’s ProDeploy suite of services lets you focus on your business while Dell EMC does the heavy lifting. Just tell Dell EMC which apps you’d like to run, and CAD Gulf will configure and deploy the server for you. With our ProDeploy services, you can set up your systems 66% faster. We are here to answer your questions and help you plan for the future.

The PowerEdge towers are equipped with proactive and predictive support technology. With ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist, you can resolve potential issues with up to 72% less IT effort. This technology can automatically notify Dell EMC of threats, so you can begin a solution as soon as possible.


2. Increasing revenue is easier now

As a business owner, you are responsible for running critical applications that connect you with customers, prospects, and team members. PowerEdge towers are perfect for many business applications, such as file and print, POS, collaboration, email, and messaging.

PowerEdge towers offer powerful computing capability for business applications. Using these tower servers, multiple team members can work on the same file at the same time and print multiple documents at the same time. In addition, the servers facilitate faster, more reliable payment processing through a secure IT infrastructure. With it, you can collaborate quickly and efficiently with colleagues and customers around the world.

Time is money. In any business, you never want to see one of your business applications stop working. With a hot-plug drive option, PowerEdge servers offer reliability and reduction of downtime. This allows you to continue to use the server while it is being serviced. As a result, your business will operate 24 hours a day, giving you more opportunities to grow.


3. Cost-savings made easy

The goal of the IT business is to reduce expenses. While reducing costs, IT security should be considered among many factors. With all the recent data breaches, it is important not to take IT security for granted. Keeping expenses down and customer loyalty high is possible by avoiding security breaches.

In the United States, a data breach costs an average of $7.9 million. Globally, the average cost of a data breach increased 6.4% from the previous year to $3.86 million.

To protect customers, every PowerEdge server comes with built-in security. Simply adding security later doesn’t work. With iDRAC9 Enterprise Server Lockdown mode, PowerEdge towers can protect your server from malicious changes. Having your data backed up automatically can also give you peace of mind.

Servers running on PowerEdge towers can be safer and cheaper than those running on public clouds. In fact, independent research conducted by Dell EMC revealed that over 50% of organizations that have moved workloads from public clouds to on-premises infrastructure cited security and cost as the reasons for this decision.

As a result of their built-to-grow ability, PowerEdge tower servers also reduce future expenses. You will also be able to scale your server’s performance as you continue to add more customers, more employees, and more demanding business applications.


If you need a server for everyday applications such as file and print and point of sale, check out the PowerEdge T140 tower server and associated services. If your business is growing or you have remote offices or branch offices that need reliable and scalable business applications like collaboration/sharing and databases, consider the PowerEdge T340 tower server and associated IT support services.
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