Does Cloud backup Solution really matter for any business?


Imagine you worked all day on your device but suddenly the power went out and all your hard work was lost? Wouldn’t it make you disappointed and angry to know that all your efforts have gone to waste?

Have you heard of Cloud Backup Solution Services, Dubai? There you go, that’s one way to save your hard work. Here is a description of what it actually is. A cloud backup service has the capability of backing up and storing data and apps on a business’s servers to a remote location. Businesses utilize cloud backup to keep their files and data accessible in case of system failure, outage, or natural calamity. A cloud backup for your business works by transferring your server’s contents to a server located in another location. Backing up server files can be partial or full, depending on the needs of the company.

Now let’s get into the topic of why Cloud Backup Solutions and Services are needed for any business, whether it’s a small scale or a corporate office.

Recovering Data: Cloud backups can recover emails deleted by unsatisfied employees so that business interactions can be restored. Otherwise, the company might face huge losses just because of the carelessness of the employees.

Protection from Liability: Depending on the amount of lost or stolen data, your business may be exposed to millions of dollars in fines, legal fees, settlements, and identity monitoring costs. Considering that Microsoft Office 365 is a target for fraudsters, it makes sense to invest in cloud backupsConformity: Sectors that are highly regulated, like healthcare, must safeguard patient data while making it available to authorized users at all times. Downtime is not an option when people’s lives and health are at stake. Additionally, your business might be fined if it violates any of the rules. When you back up your data to the cloud, you ensure that it is both secure as well as easy to retrieve in case of a disaster.
​​On-demand access: As long as you have an internet connection, you can access cloud storage from anywhere and at any time. As a result, you can resolve issues with your laptop or smartphone if there is a problem. This helps a lot of employees to work when they are traveling.

Safety: Today’s cloud infrastructure is designed to protect data against a growing number of cyber threats, as well as unexpected disasters. Files in the cloud, can be accessed and shared by many users, which increases the risk of unauthorized access to your data. Moreover, data can be hacked or stolen. Make sure that the cloud backup service you use can encode your data with robust encryption technology


You have 4 different choices of cloud backup solutions
Full Backup: This is the most basic and complete kind of backup operation. This backup procedure copies all data to a storage device like a disk or tape. It is most beneficial to make a full backup of all data during each operation so there is a complete copy of everything.
The outcome is a minimal recovery time objective.

Incremental backups: Incremental backups involve only copying data that has changed since the last backup. It is more cost-effective to create an incremental backup rather than a full backup because it copies fewer data.
Therefore, the backup speed will be faster, and there will be less storage media required.

Differential backups: The differential backup copies all changes since the previous backup, and it continues to copy all changes from the previous backup each time it is performed thereafter.
As a result, more data is backed up when an incremental backup is taken.

Mirror backups: This backup type creates an exact copy of the source data set, but only the latest data version is stored in the backup repository with no track of different versions of the files. All the different backed-up files are stored separately like they are in the source.
One of the benefits of mirror backup is a fast data recovery time. It’s also easy to access individual backed-up files.


It’s common for people to assume that Cloud Storage Solution and Cloud Backup Solution are the same things when they are really very different.

Cloud Storage provides you with a secure place to store your data and files like google drive, dropbox, files in mac, and so on. However, it can only be accessed when files are manually moved into such locations. It allows easy sharing and syncing in addition to accessing your files from any device.

All your data will be lost, however, if your device breaks or gets damaged, and you do not save the files to the drive. It is in such an emergency that Cloud Backup comes in handy. Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is designed to make copies of your files, to backup them continuously, and to restore them quickly and easily.

With backup software, you can retrieve a clean version of a file from a point in time before your computer got infected with a virus, ensuring that you can recover your files in case of data loss.
Both the transfer and storage of your files are typically encrypted. Data transfer is less secure with most cloud storage services since they can only encrypt files on the server-side.

Since you now know why it is important to protect your data, you might want to find reputable providers of cloud backup solutions. We at CAD Gulf offer reliable and trusted Cloud Backup Solutions by helping clients in securing their data.