5 Best Practices for endpoints Security 

5 Best Practices for endpoints Security 

Because of COVID-19, many employees begin working remotely during the pandmanic, however If the endpoint device is not configured correctly, it is the most dangerous and the weakest device within the company, limiting the ability to secure the endpoint.

Endpoints security threats 

Plenty of risks will rise if the endpoint is not secure properly:

  • DDoS Attack 
  • Phishing Attack
  • Script exploit 
  • Credentials theft 

Endpoints threats countermeasures

Threats that an endpoint can cause can cause so much harm to your company, so it’s a good idea to countermeasure them  

  • Apply sufficient endpoints from professional providers such as cisco endpoints and fortinet endpoints 
  • Encrypt your password, don’t use guessable passwords such as pass1234 or 12345
  • Limit privilege access
  • Patch your endpoints concurrently 

What are the best practices for endpoints security ?

1.Scan your endpoints continuously 

In real-time, keep track of every device connected to the network.

Maintain ongoing location awareness, especially for mobile assets that are susceptible to loss or theft, such as cellphones and computers.

2.Apply MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

By using MFA every user would be authenticated and this will be used to avoid account theft , this will add a second level of security if somebody logged from unrecognized location 

3.Hardening your VPN access policy 

Virtual private networks can be hacked, leaving the network vulnerable to spoofing, sniffer, and DDoS assaults.

VPN usage should be prohibited or limited so that access is limited to the application layer, reducing the danger of a network-level assault

4.Apply Strong Password checker

Enforce the user to apply strong passwords and prompt a message if the password is weak and provide them some good passwords either to avoid Dictionary attack because if your password is weak so your system is vulnerable for that attack

5.Apply Encryption for all endpoints 

If your endpoints are lost or stolen, all the memory and all traffic would be encrypted, so even if an eavesdropper tries to listen to your traffic, then they will not be able to get anything because all the information is encrypted.


To sum up,  securing the endpoints is a very important concern. because of endpoints misconfigurations, many organizations lost a lot of resources, and now teleworkers are on the rise even after the pandemic, so now you want to apply it, but you want professionals to take care of this part so don’t hesitate and Contact US ! 


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