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Modern IT is at the heart of today’s business, helping to create new value and experiences. Modern IT must understand the full range of hybrid cloud possibilities, composing and deploying resources faster than ever before, leveraging a secure, common operating model to meet individual application and user requirements while maintaining visibility and control over costs, security, and g, whether on-premises or off-premises; bare-metal, virtualization, or containers; in a public or private cloud.


HPE servers strengthen the foundation of your data center with high-caliber servers that enhance system performance and functionality.


CAD Gulf has inhouse technical experts, who can provide basic as well as advanced hardware installation of HPE branded servers, storage devices and networking options in UAE and assist you in bringing your new hardware into operation in a timely and professional manner.


Optimization: HPE ProLiant’s underlying intelligence transforms IT by providing insights to improve configurations, workload placement, and cost models, resulting in investment agility and faster delivery of superior outcomes.


Security: HPE ProLiant is secure at its heart, providing a sophisticated, 360-degree security picture that starts with the manufacturing supply chain and ends with a secure decommissioning.


Automation: Every HPE ProLiant comes with intelligence that simplifies and automates management operations, laying the groundwork for an open, hybrid cloud architecture powered by composability.

Why Choose HPE ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers?

HPE is dedicated to quality, innovation, and a positive customer experience. From our customer-first approach to design to our supplier selection, quality, and management, to our world-class manufacturing and rigorous product testing, to our global support services and network of channel partners, our commitment to excellence in innovation and quality is instilled throughout the product lifecycle.


With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can give a flexible software-defined strategy that starts with the server and builds on an intelligent base. HPE ProLiant is the intelligent compute foundation for hybrid cloud, bringing unrivaled workload optimization, security, and automation to your hybrid cloud infrastructure as-a-Service.


The rack and tower servers are available in these families:

HPE ProLiant MicroServer

HPE ProLiant ML

HPE ProLiant DL

Choose your rack and tower server with CAD Gulf.

HPE ProLiant rack servers and HPE ProLiant tower servers come in a variety of platforms to meet a wide range of computational requirements and workloads.


• Small Business Servers from HPE ProLiant 10 series—Easy to acquire and deploy


• HPE ProLiant 100 series—Right-Sized Servers—Performance, efficiency, capacity, and manageability in a single server.


HPE ProLiant 300 series—Versatile Performance Servers—Industry-leading design with flexible computing and storage options for multi workload workloads.


HPE ProLiant 500 series Scale-up Servers—High-performance scalability for mission-critical workloads.

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