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APC UPS Dealers in UAE

CAD Gulf is an authorised APC partner in the UAE, and we offer APC UPS at the cheapest possible price. we also offer Replacement batteries for all UPS’s, Racks, PDU’s and other accessories.


An electrical surge can obliterate your most valuable equipment in a matter of seconds! Don’t take a chance. To safeguard the safety of your valuable electrical gadgets, use an APC Surge Protector from CAD gulf LLC.

About APC

APC by Schneider Electric is the leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals, and data center products. APC ups offers a variety of solutions to help your home and business to be more efficient, reliable, and connected, ranging from battery backups to full-scale data center infrastructure.


Being one of the leading ups brand in the world, it provides different phases along with the different range of voltages.

apc ups

APC focuses its efforts on four application areas:

  • Home/home office
  • Business networks
  • Access provider networks
  • Data centres and facilities

Buy APC UPS in Dubai, UAE

In the UPS industry, APC ups is a well-known brand. It delivers tough, powerful Ups that surpass the competitors. CAD Gulf is an authorized apc ups distributor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We can provide you with the most cost-effective power options.

APC UPS Supplier in Dubai

CAD Gulf LLC takes advantage of Schneider Electric’s cloud-based platform, EcoStruxureTM IT, to help minimize downtime caused by power outages. This platform provides visibility and monitoring capabilities for assessing the health of dispersed IT infrastructure at locations with limited or no IT professionals on a regular basis.


Buy APC UPS in Dubai, UAE

APC, the world’s largest uninterruptible power supply manufacturer, provides server room and battery backup solutions for home offices and businesses. APC has evolved into a Schneider ElectricTM flagship brand. APC is a leading provider of power, security, and environmental monitoring solutions, as well as racks and data center accessories. CAD Gulf sells APC products and we are preferred APC partner and APC supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Storms and power outages will continue to occur, but with the correct UPS solution, home and business users can stay connected and productive. Using a USB charging port on your PC, you can have access to extra power protection and administration functions for your APC UPS. For more information on how to make APC UPS selection easy and stress-free, contact CAD Gulf LLC sales experts.

APC Products

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