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Firewall Suppliers in Dubai

In the Middle East, CAD Gulf primarily distributes Sophos SonicWall and Fortinet. Our firewall solution protects your network in real time from sophisticated application-layer and content-based threats. By tackling numerous threats access points and comprehensively scanning all network layers, our solution flushes out both internal and external threats.

Enhancing Your business security with Firewall

Security is often overlooked by the business. The best response to provide a complete network security is to implement a proper firewall at the network gateway. Through the firewall security, you are increasing the chance of protection against the most common computer and network threats and the hackers.


As a security solution, we offer some beautiful firewall products that fight against modern malicious attacks. With the state-of-the-art security measures, your business can achieve an end-to-end protection with advanced capabilities that share the intelligence across the entire network. By sharing the information, a great deal of protection can be provided to all layers of the network. As an expert, we are good at delivering effective security solution across the middle east.

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